Sunday, June 28, 2015

Day 3 - After the Storm

Great day...The wild storminess of a New England Nor'easter has ended, leaving a cool pink sky at sunset. Driving along the coast in the wind and the mist is one of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday (or any day). I am so fortunate to live here...I cannot imagine being more than an hour's drive away from the ocean. Great walk, great pictures, great soothing to my early-vacation soul!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 2 - Ethically Speaking

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Nothing says relaxation and summer vacation like completing some continuing education work! I had purchased a course on Ethics for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology a few months back when it was on sale, but had not had a chance to complete it. Figured spending some time on my goof-off day getting caught on CE work was a good use of time. I now have my 30 hours of continuing ed in the bank, so I am done for this round! Boom!

It was an interesting course...nothing that I did not know already, but it helps to reinforce all the things that you are doing right. I'd recommend it if you are looking for CE credits.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Day 1 - Reflection on the Year

The school year wrapped up officially yesterday at noon. I am exhausted, exhilarated, and ready to relax. This was the Year of the Ego - schools and agencies offered me more work than one human being in one year should take on. Naturally, I accepted everything that came my way. This is not a smart move, but clearly, I had something to prove. From September until mid-April, I worked from 7-3 at my middle school, then came home and worked another 5-8 hours in three separate roles for an online company. I worked 3 or 4 hours on the weekend as well. This took a toll on my health, and to some degree, on my relationships as well. In April I resigned from the role that required the majority of my time in the evenings, which was very freeing! I have decided to take to the summer off, finish some projects that I have managed to avoid by working so much, reflect on why I felt the need to work incessantly, and simplify my life. I want to reflect where I am headed in the future...Stay in the public schools? Leave the schools, and explore other career opportunities? Grab my Dearly Beloved and sail around the world? These are the thoughts that I think. I have ideas for this summer, but no plan. That is what this day one goof-off day is all about!