Saturday, October 8, 2011

Last Day at the Beach

Columbus Weekend at the beach! It was a magnificent weekend – truly appreciated after the deluge of rain we have had in the past weeks.  We relaxed, barbecued, walked the dog, and just relaxed together. I caught up on tons of reading and sleep. It was a perfect ending to an excellent summer.

What would a weekend away be without a crazy story? I was fairly wired Sunday night – too much coffee too late in the day. It was about 1:30 in the morning; Dearly Beloved was asleep, and I was reading a book on my iPad, hoping I would fade off quickly. As I read, my eyes drifted out the window towards the illuminated street, when I saw the most peculiar thing - the tail end of what appeared to be a horse running up the street past the house, with a police car in hot pursuit. Five minutes later, there is a DONKEY running back down the street towards the beach with the police still tailing along behind! Not something you see around here... I called the police the next day to see if they caught the runner. They did, but all I could hear in the background was wild laughter - the poor cops who took the donkey in custody will probably never live it down!

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