Monday, October 3, 2011


Dearly Beloved and I (and Dixie) went to the local Home Show yesterday. I both love and despise home shows. I adore seeing the new products, decorative elements, and occasional pieces of funky jewelry that are on display. On the other hand, I dislike the crowds, and I would rather not talk to every seller who is demonstrating their wares and offering free gifts in exchange for my phone number.

Yesterday’s show was excellent, though! I decided to go ahead with a project I had been lusting after for quite a while…Shelf Genie! The idea of having my kitchen cabinets perfectly organized, with every needed item available to me at the pull of a drawer excited me beyond words. I signed up for a consultation, and Jeff arrived promptly today at the appropriate time. He gave me several options for varying configurations of cabinets and drawers, with enough price point differences to make it intriguing.  Being a compete pushover for organization, I wanted to outfit every cabinet in my kitchen. Good sense and a finite budget prevailed though, and I opted for a double pantry, and one under-sink cabinet. I will post the finished work when we get there!

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