Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day Six - Semisweet

I spent the day finishing up my resume...I am considering stepping into what is fondly known around school as "The Dark Side" - Administration!

My good friend has been hired as the new Assistant Principal at our school. Her position, Special Education Program Head is now open. I have mixed feelings about this job. I want to do it because it would be great to be a part of this fantastic administrative team. I would have the opportunity to develop programs for special needs students. I would be able to work directly with staff to help them expand their skills. I would be able to assist parents.

The down side... Not all parents have had good experiences guiding their child through the mazes of Special Education, and are often angry. (This would be a good growth area for me...) There is more stress in this job, according to those who have already done it. (That is why I meditate...) And the biggest concern, I would not work as directly with children, although part of the job requires some teaching.

However, I polished the resume, finished the cover letter, took a deep breath, and sent everything to Human Resources. It is a win-win either way... either I start an new job with exciting new challenges, or I continue in my current job, which I absolutely love!

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