Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day Seven - Release

I had several "A-ha" moments today. When I woke up this morning, I consciously decided to judge nothing and no one that I came in contact with during my day. Yesterday, I had some negative emotions towards a colleague that I was going to be working with this summer. Today, I put those emotions aside, and anticipated the best about the person. Amazingly, my interactions with this person today were pleasant and positive. We were able to work together towards a common goal, and the morning was very enjoyable!

This afternoon, I watched a video by Carol Tuttle on "Healing Your Inner Teenager". This was just what I needed to see! This reinforced my ideas of surrender and letting go. My 12 year old self has been carrying around some burdens for all these years. It was good to assure that girl that she was going to be fine, and that it was time to let that burden go!

Putting aside negative emotions carried through my day. Tonight I went to the wake of a lovely, feisty 101 year old lady whom I loved very much - my former husband's aunt. Since divorcing seven years ago, I have seen very little of his family. While I am no longer invited to the weddings, I still show up at the wakes. It has been awkward seeing him at these events, and we have had little to say to each other. Tonight was different, though. When I saw him outside as people were leaving, I put my hand on his shoulder and asked "How are you?" Simple enough question, but we began to talk. He asked how each of my family members were, and how I was. We spoke briefly about our lives in general, and we smiled at each other. This gave me great joy. Although our marriage did not work out, we have known each other for far too long to stay so estranged. I was happy to see him. I'll bet our late, great, Auntie Kate was happy, too.

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