Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Moving...part of the whole renew/rebirth/release cycle. I had two separate offices this past year, on two floors of our building. I am now going to be in one office on the first floor. (This office has A/C! Oh joy!!!) I spent the day finishing my packing, and everything is ready for the custodians to do the big switcheroo, once a little construction is done. Built-in tables are to be removed, the projector for my SMART board will be installed, and Speech Therapy Paradise will be up and running!

Moving up, moving down... moving out, moving in...moving backward, moving forward....I have done a great deal of moving during the past eight years; metaphorically and literally! Moved out of a marriage. Left one home and bought another. Purged excess physical and emotional baggage. Moved forward into a new relationship. Moved on from a long-time job, into a new, exciting opportunity. Moving up the Joy ladder, rung-by-rung, day-by-day. Pausing to marvel at the things around me. I have never been happier!

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