Monday, August 12, 2013

I was able to get together today with an old, dear friend that I had not seen for a while. Carole has been undergoing aggressive treatments for breast cancer, and although we have talked frequently, it has been difficult to get together. When we last saw each other, she was wearing a wig, and moving slowly...the treatments were brutal, and greatly taxed her strength, balance and quality of life. But seeing her today was so wonderful! Her hair has grown, she has more of a spring in her step, and seems more like her old self again. I think having cancer changes who you are forever. You look at the world with a different lens. She is much more focused on living, instead of just surviving. She wore her "Fearless" bracelet today. I gave it to her when she began her chemo and radiation treatments last year. She said she looked at during her treatments, and it helped her to stay strong. She is the most fearless person I know...this was just to remind her. She has given them as gifts to people she knows who are going through treatment as well. This makes me happy.

We talked about my surgery. I was fortunate; the cells removed during my biopsy two weeks ago were benign, and the only healing I needed was to recover from the surgery itself. I am very blessed. I am doubly blessed to have Carole in my life, as my friend. She is a remarkable example of grace under pressure, fearlessness, and a spirit that never quits!

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