Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stickk It To Me...

With my job being so crazy last year, I had been losing my focus on creating My Healthiest Body Ever during the January through June period of 2013. Not enough exercise plus not enough food multiplied by not anywhere near enough sleep equals no significant body metamorphosis. I found an interesting site in June called Stickk which invites you to PUT A CONTRACT ON YOURSELF. I committed to losing three dress sizes by Christmas. I also put a monetary amount on this contract...if I do not make forward progress each week, Stickk will send the weekly amount to which I have committed to an ANTI- CHARITY. This motivates me immensely, because I would NEVER want to send my money to the group I selected. Since June, I have dropped one dress facial features are more defined again, and my back and arms are stronger.

So, if you need an incentive to make a specific change in your life, you might want to take out a contract on yourself with Stickk!

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