Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day Fifty-Four - Spa

No, the spa is not for me. Miss Dixie Doodle Dog was in dire need of some TLC. Her nails were too long, she looked like she needed a good haircut, and she definitely needed a bath! She was not at ALL pleased to be staying at the groomer's...of course, she had never been there before! When we rescued her last Fall, she had lost most of her fur due to heartworm treatments (a cruel thing for a dog to have to go through!), so we would just put her in the tub and wash her ourselves.

Suddenly, in mid-winter, she grew this massive coat of fur which was fine with us! It was cold here! We kept her brushed, but as she started to shed, which she did copiously starting in May, it was hard to keep up with the knots and matting. We needed professional help! Dog groomer to the rescue! I liked this place; they let the dogs roam freely while others are being groomed. The dogs get to socialize, rather than being caged.

Miss Dixie looks like her lovely self again!

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