Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day Forty-FIve - Stinker

We had a lovely time on vacation. Even our flight home was pleasant overall. The only issue was... The Stinker at the flight gate!  We wanted to tuck ourselves into the back of the gate area, as the whole room was really crowded. We walked down a narrow outside row with our carry-ons and - the guy at the end of the row had his bag across the aisle with his feet propped up on it.   "I'M not MOVING!", He snarls at us. DB stepped over him. I came along with my rolling bag. "Excuse me," I said.


I passed my bags over his head to DB, then climbed over his suitcase and feet. The Stinker then started to berate us, loudly, shouting about how selfish we were...why didn't we go on the other side...who the hell do we think we are... blahblahblah.

DB got up to use the restroom prior to boarding. As he stepped over The Stinker's bag again, The Stinker shot his foot out AND TRIPPED HIM! DB recovered nicely and kept walking. I said to the jerk "That was unnecessary!" I said it three times. Each time, he denied that he did anything...what is wrong with you are selfish bastards...

And then he picked up his junk and walked away.

Still yelling things at me.

Glad I am me and not him.

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