Friday, August 24, 2012

Day Sixty-Four - Seriously?!

Dearest mother asked if I would get a sticker on her minivan. No problem! It expires at the end of the month. I grabbed the registration before we pulled out of the driveway had expired in May. Really? The car that I drove 150 miles on the highway in June? Nice. NO sticker for you today!

After that little surprise, I decided I would get organized to renew my license since it expires next Tuesday. I got the paperwork filled out, but have to go to the Registry to complete it on Monday. Dearest Mother passes me her license and asks when it has to be renewed....wait for expired LAST NOVEMBER. So, I have a lovely senior citizen driving around in an unregistered car with an expired license. How fabulous is that?!

I told her I would start saving up for her bail money...

LOTS of Registry things to do on Monday!

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