Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day Forty-five - Resolute

I felt like Chicken Little today with my personal sky falling in the form of a 5 x 8 foot chunk of plaster that crashed down lathe-laden ugliness leaving a nasty gaping hole in my living room ceiling, and a giant mess on the furniture, curtains and floor. I will admit, I had it coming. The leak in the ceiling happened in March of 2010...SIXTEEN MONTHS AGO following a huge Nor'easter that damaged my roof. I argued loud and long with the insurance company; all they were willing to cough up was $1000.00 to repair the roof ($4500 paid) and the ceiling ($2700...only price I have gotten so far). So I have ignored it, I guess hoping it would repair itself. Slowly, a crack started to sag a bit over time... and today, with a giant WHOOSH it came crashing down. I am grateful no family, friends, or me was sitting under it at the time.

This was not a good plaster-clean up kind of day; it was 88 degrees and humid. But it had to be cleaned up, and now it is. Monday, I start calling ceiling repair companies....

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