Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day Forty-four - Reportedly

Reportedly, I had many things to do today. I had a list. I prioritized the items. I had great plans to clean my office, to mulch the garden, to call several friends. I did none of these things. I spent two hours on the phone trying to teach my mother how to read her email on her iPad. This challenged every break-down-the-direction-until-she-understands skill that I possess. I pretended she was one of my students, and kept repeating and restating until she got it. Why is it easy to be patient with my students, but such work with my mother? Eventually, she was able to see the attached photos that she wanted, so we were both happy. In the office upstairs, I was distracted by the numerous pairs of shoes I had planned to sell on eBay, so I decided that taking pictures and posting the ads was the way to go. One pair sold in the first hour after posting! Beyond that I read and napped. Not a bad way to spend your first official day of vacation!

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