Monday, August 8, 2011

Day Forty-five - Riches

Went to a wedding shower for my wonderful stepson and his adorable fiance. Showers are not my favorite things - too much oohing and aahing for me. I am not a party-girl, and small talk does not come easily, but I put my best effort out there! The most stressful part of the whole situation for me was being with The Ex-Wife. Hmmm...narcissistic, opinionated, always-the-victim - her less than satisfactory life is of her own making, but she makes those around her pay for it. She was unhappy that the event was not catered. She thought it was tacky that they would open the gifts at the shower (What?!). She berated her future DiL about an invitation that was not received by a relative, but that she RSVP'd about anyway.... blahblahblah...

DB dropped me off, and told me he would pick me up the second I called - I love him! I did not know a soul there except for the Ex and the bride, who was not there when I arrived. I found a seat, and started to chat with another woman who was there alone, and did not know anyone. We hit it off. I saw the Ex a few tables over; she ignored me. I made sure to say hello. LONG afternoon short - the bride arrived and had a lovely time. The groom arrived in time to help open gifts (and probably to be embarrassed by his mother). The Ex left right after the final gift was opened. She tried to ignore me again, but I was having none of that! I brightly bid her farewell, and told her I looked forward to seeing her at the wedding!

I went home with my Dearly Beloved, so blessed in knowing that I create my own life and my own reality. I also create my own happiness - no one else is responsible for that. I am sad for those that don't get to figure that out in this lifetime; they miss out on so much richness!

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