Monday, July 9, 2012

Day Eighteen - Struggle
Summer School began today. I got to see all my favorite students, and met some new favorites as well. To accommodate one of my students and his family, I traveled across town to see him at his summer camp, where he is a counselor-in-training, instead at our High School where SS is being held. Craig is a funny, terrific kid who is going to be a freshman in High School next year. He has such significant processing problems, it is difficult for him to listen to and/or follow along in a novel and sort out the characters and events. We are working on the book The Hunger Games. Despite having seen the movie, and after reading the first chapter together, he was unable to tell me that "Katniss" was the narrator of the story. He could not tell me how her dad died. He struggles with vocabulary, and cannot visualize the images that the story creates.

My strategy for tomorrow is to flood him with images to accompany the story, and to develop a graphic organizer to help him keep track of the ideas. I really want him to understand this book!

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