Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day Twelve - Snap!

An excellent day! I get to write this post on the porch on my LAPTOP! Oh, Joy! Multiple open windows, full keyboard, large screen! While highly grateful for my iPhone, having wireless makes life much easier.

The woman who arrived in the Verizon truck was hilarious. "They tried to tell you it was your problem and sell you line insurance? Ha! We ran a new line down your street last winter...it isn't connected to your house yet. When I called them to discuss this job with them, they had no clue! Hopeless!"

She zoomed up the pole in her bucket, and had the line working in no time. Dial tone was present; all is good. I programmed all the devices with the WEP key, aaaaaand - nothing. Another call to Verizon. The technician working with me was very helpful. She determined that the new modem needed to be REPROGRAMMED, because it did not work. This was beyond my skill set. We worked on it together, and 55 minutes later....success!

This was a frustrating experience, but all is forgiven now because I am back online!

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