Friday, July 13, 2012

Day Twenty-Two - Sticker Shock

I seem to have issues with the Department of Motor Vehicles...Last year, I forgot to re-register my car. This year, I did not get it inspected before the sticker expired in June. Woe is me.

I sat for 53 minutes in line at the inspection station in 93 degree heat waiting to get my newly updated sticker slapped on my car. When it was my turn, I happily drove in, registration and $29.00 in hand, only to be told that the Registry would not let them inspect a car WITH A GREEN LICENSE PLATE. My plate is old; most people in the state have shiny red and white, front and back plates. I have an old, single green one- a holdover from the days when the Registry went to one rear plate to save money.

I was never notified about this. Now I am told that I must drive to the Registry, remove the plate, turn it in and get a new plate and registration. I am disgusted. Why did they re-register the car with this plate last year, if they won't let me use it anymore. ERRGGHH!

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