Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day Seventeen - Stupify!
I am not typically a horror-movie kind of girl - nightmares show up way to easily - but it was a hot and humid Sunday, and it seemed like a perfect day to watch "The Thing".   Seriously.   DB was all excited, as he had not seen this version before. Being a good sport (or perhaps just too lazy to relocate to another part of the house), I watched.

This was a very creepy movie! Why are so many aliens such drippy, sloppy messes with the need to take over the bodies of their host humans? Seriously, lets have some creativity here!  There was the psycho mad scientist, and the beautiful graduate student heroine. There was the repulsive, slimy, slithering, screaming Alien Lizard Lobster whose sole mission was to consume and regenerate as the host human. There were enough blow-torches to melt the entire continent of Antarctica.

Errggh...I've lost my appetite.

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