Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day Thirty-seven - Resourcefulness

No car + Sentence Combining class = asking friends for help! My friend Sarah, who is leading the class picked me up at 7:15, and off we went! It was a smaller group today; Sarah had a few activities prepared for us (deconstructing/reconstructing sentences from famous authors), then there was plenty of time to continue work on our projects. Eight chapters done, twenty-three more to go, one month to complete it, and To Kill a Mockingbird will be finished! Grabbed a ride home with another friend, and settled in to complete laundry, get organized, and goof off!

Called the friend who is working on my car at 5:15... the fan motor responsible for cooling the engine is broken. Another fan has been ordered, but will not arrive until Monday. More opportunities to do things at home! DB picked me up for dinner; salad and pizza at our favorite restaurant. We will take off for the beach for an overnight escape tomorrow. This time, we have a hotel reservation!

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