Friday, July 15, 2011

Day Twenty-three - Roadworthy

Heading to the Cape today to see my mother. I had thought about renting a car, since my 2001 PT Cruiser seemed a little shaky of late. (This is not my real Cruiser...mine is a darker blue! This is an ode to the Ex - a man who loved his 57 Chevys ...unfortunately, more than he did me, which is why he is the Ex!) Anyway, I opted to get the radiator flushed in preparation for the trip. The technician said the fluids were like glue, and smelled foul. Poor car, no wonder it was running oddly! The Cruiser is delighted with this TLC, and is running much more smoothly. We had an uneventful, pleasant ride - no traffic, even on a Friday night!

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