Monday, July 18, 2011

Day Twenty-six - Raunchy

Here I am, having a perfectly delightful time driving home from my mother's cottage, when up beside me pulls a white truck. I am paying no attention to this truck, because I am enjoying "Bust a Move" on my iPod and singing along with Young M.C. But I did notice that this truck is riding steadily beside my car even though there is plenty of room to pass, and I make the epic error of looking over at it. There we have an absolute fool holding his fingers up in a V-formation, and waggling his tongue in and out through the V. HONESTLY!  I'll bet all the ladies in his life love that little move. Oh...there are no ladies in his life? What a big shock. I stomped my foot to the floor, got ahead of him, boxed him into traffic, and slowed down to 50. Look at me now, fool!

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