Friday, July 15, 2011

Day Twenty-two - Reminisce

DB and I decided to have the SILs over for dinner, before the ladies traveled back to Nevada on Saturday. The three of them have been working feverishly at Mother's house trying to tame, organize, and donate her vast quantity of books, dolls, craft supplies and clothing. They have made remarkable progress, and are totally exhausted. I am more emotionally exhausted. With more evidence of synchronicity everywhere around me, my two final students of the day at summer school cancelled. When I returned home, basking in the extra 90 minutes, my personal trainer messaged me to say that she had double-booked my make-up session, and would have to reschedule! Glorious! Lots of extra time not only to get ready for dinner, but to relax for a bit. The weather was perfect today; it was the kind of day that you long for all winter, and most of the summer in New England - 70s, low humidity, blue skies, nice breeze.

We had a really nice time tonight.  DB cooked the steaks and corn I had bought. The SILs each had a nice glass of wine, which relaxed them. We finished up with wonderful strawberry shortcake. We had many laughs remembering Mother and her jokester ways. Another wonderful day!

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